What do the symbols on the clothes mean?

Table of contents
  1. Let's start with the basics: labels
  2. Basic symbols
  3. Water wash symbols
  4. Symbols for dry cleaning
  5. Drying symbols
  6. Ironing symbols
  7. Are the symbols on the tags next to the clothes helpful when choosing a wash program?
A typical situation: after buying new clothes and before putting them on, you cut off the washing instructions tag after reading it briefly. Before throwing it away, examine it carefully. Let's see what the symbols mean and how they relate to washing programs.

Let's start with the basics: labels

Proper washing is the secret to making clothes last longer and not ruin them the first time you wash them in the washing machine. Each label has several symbols that tell you how to wash and care for certain clothes. If the clothing is made from different materials, it is best to follow the instructions for the most delicate fabric.

Basic symbols

The label breaks down the washing methods and steps with symbols. We see such basic symbols as:

  • Bowl: water wash
  • Wheel: dry cleaning
  • Triangle: whitening
  • Area: drying
  • Iron: ironing

Water wash symbols

The symbols shown indicate hand wash or machine wash and may be combined together for more information. Important: the line always recommends washing delicately.

Cup with X: do not wash in water.

Bowl: hand wash and machine wash.

Bowl + 1 line: The line recommends washing at low speed using delicate programs (with low rinsing temperature and short rotation).

Bowl with hand: hand wash, normal rinse and soft wring.

Bowl + N°C: machine wash, the number indicates the maximum water temperature.


Symbols for dry cleaning

The following symbols are related to dry washing and may be combined together for more information.

Wheel with X: not dry clean

Wheel: dry wash with the tolerance of all types of solvents.

Circle + 1 line: wash carefully due to the possibility of shrinkage

Wheel + A: wash with all solvents used.

Circle + F: washing with hydrocarbons and triple fluorine-trichloroethane.

Wheel + P: Flush with perchlorethylene, chlorinated solvents and kerosene alcohols.

Circle + P, but be careful when washing.

Whitening symbols

Triangle with X: do not bleach

Triangle: bleaching with each type of bleach

Triangle +Cl: bleaching clothes with products containing chlorine.


Drying symbols

The symbols use dots that may appear within a circle: a dot indicates drying with a soft low temperature program; two dots indicate normal drying.

Square: Clothes that can be tumble dried.

Square with an X and a circle: Do not tumble dry.


Ironing symbols

The symbols use the dots that appear on the iron.


Iron: clothes can stretch

Iron + 1 point: maximum ironing temperature 110°C, it is better not to use steam.

Iron + 2 points: maximum ironing temperature 150 °C

Iron + 3 points: maximum ironing temperature 200 °C

Iron with X: do not iron


Are the symbols on the tags next to the clothes helpful when choosing a wash program?

Clothing labels may indicate control and adjustment settings, such as: drum speed and other mechanical actions (these may be normal or reduced); rinsing (at normal or low temperature); or centrifuge (in normal or reduced mode).

According to the washing settings, it is necessary to refer to the symbols and lines that may appear under the bowl symbol, which indicate the recommended program.

What do these lines under the symbol mean?

  • no lines: clothes can be washed at maximum speed using the cotton programme. Normal mechanical operation, rinsing and spinning.
  • Regardless of the type of fabric, it is recommended to avoid too high temperatures, taking into account the following simple rules:
  • colored cotton clothes should be washed separately;

lined and silk clothes should be washed dry;

  • colored cotton clothes should be washed separately;
  • lined and silk clothes should be washed dry;
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By following our recommendations, you will be able to enjoy your clothes longer, and washing will become an opportunity to "hug" our clothes, and not a dangerous game of Russian roulette!

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