I must confess that for a long time I only knew one color for my wardrobe: black. To make it not too boring, I introduced white with :-)

Jokes aside, I love bold colors now too. I also like to be influenced by current trend colors. In winter, I want to get rid of winter gray with colorful clothes. And in the summer everything still glows, so I also want bright colorful outfits.

However, I have not lost my passion for classic black and white. The station wagon is just super practical:

  • man is always dressed
  • styles from different years can be easily combined. Namely, black and white will not disappear so quickly!
  • in terms of color, there are no embarrassing blunders in the photo album to regret years later
  • and most importantly: everything goes with everything! No special considerations as to whether the tone of the jacket is combined with the color scheme of the blouse ... Black and white just love each other!

That's why the current collection also has many, many great pieces in black and white.

And if I show them to you now, when they are so collected, you just have to agree with me: black and white, it's just amazing!

Basis: trousers

In any case, classic trouser colors are more common. It is all the more important to think over exquisite details so that the style acquires something special.

On the first model, the sparkling stones at the end of the leg compare favorably with the “regular” black leggings.

The stretch trousers impress with their studded trim. And as if I understood something: they come in both black and white.

Our other black leggings are made of shiny material, which makes them really attractive.


Top and Top: Black and White Tops

Let's start with "above". Yes, even in summer you need something warm for your shoulders from time to time. It's great if it matches perfectly with the rest of the outfit.

An incredible trend this year is lace and crochet in all variations. And this crochet jacket is perfect for (styling) nails! A fine knit crocheted jacket will decorate any, but not any outfit in a matter of seconds.

With our hooded jacket, it gets a little sportier, but also warmer. But, again, we offer you not just a simple jacket with a hood. The combination of materials gives it all a certain zest and makes it not boring at all.


But also for the “under” we have something in black and white: dots, stripes and a geometric pattern.

The striped blouse does not have classic transverse or longitudinal stripes. Rather, black and white stripes, arranged in different ways, catch the eye perfectly. The slightly fitted cut also creates a fabulous silhouette.

Feminine and slightly playful polka dot T-shirt with fashionable polka dots. A round neckline with pleated cutout further highlights the shirt.

Our airy blouse is wildly patterned yet very elegant. Because black and white can't be elegant. It is so simple :-)

Now you can mix and match these black and white pieces of clothing from our collection as you see fit. I wish you all the best with this!

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