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About Us

Our company has more than 10 years of history and stands for the highest brand and product quality from the very beginning. Since our foundation, we have been inspired by the beauty and quality of our Turkish clothing. Our experience in selling products from these areas is confirmed by our many years of experience in the market and confirmed by the feedback of our customers. For example, over 4 million items sold testify to our competence and the trust our customers place in our products.

We are very grateful to you for this!

So that you also have the opportunity to get to know us a little better, we have outlined our core values ​​for you below.

Our values 


WALSER's value is safety

The safety of our products and, above all, our customers is our top priority. The company controls every production process and no product leaves the manufacturing facility without final inspection. In addition, our products are regularly tested by recognized independent testing institutes. In addition to those required by law, these include various voluntary examinations.

We guarantee the highest quality of products and processes throughout the entire value chain. Both internal and external operations are carefully checked. In addition, many products and manufacturing facilities are tested and controlled by independent testing institutes. Because in our products, in addition to safety, quality and the choice of high-quality materials are of great importance so that you have something from our products for a long time.



WALSER's value is quality


WALSER's value is customer satisfaction

In addition to product safety and quality, our main concern is the satisfaction of our customers with products and the company. The fact that we not only say it, but also do it, underscores our excellent reviews on different platforms . We are proud and grateful for the trust our customers place in us and work hard every day to meet or exceed their expectations with our products. See for yourself! However, if you are ever dissatisfied, please do not hesitate to contact us. With us, you will be talking to real people who will do their best to find a good solution for you!

Sustainability and free trade are extremely important in our time. To bring the idea of ​​sustainable development to life, advocating free and sustainable trade. Thus, we strive to maintain and improve social and environmental standards throughout the entire production process.


WALSER's value is sustainability


For more than 10 years, the high brand and product quality have been the calling card. We are one of the market leaders in the field of clothing sales. Over 4 million items sold annually underline our competence and our customers' trust in our company and our products. We are your reliable partner!



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