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About Us

Our company has more than 10 years of history and stands for the highest brand and product quality from the very beginning. Since our foundation, we have been inspired by the beauty and quality of our Turkish clothing. Our experience in selling products from these areas is confirmed by our many years of experience in the market and confirmed by the feedback of our customers. For example, over 4 million items sold testify to our competence and the trust our customers place in our products.

We are very grateful to you for this!

So that you also have the opportunity to get to know us a little better, we have outlined our core values ​​for you below.

Our values 


WALSER's value is safety

The safety of our products and, above all, our customers is our top priority. The company controls every production process and no product leaves the manufacturing facility without final inspection. In addition, our products are regularly tested by recognized independent testing institutes. In addition to those required by law, these include various voluntary examinations.

We guarantee the highest quality of products and processes throughout the entire value chain. Both internal and external operations are carefully checked. In addition, many products and manufacturing facilities are tested and controlled by independent testing institutes. Because in our products, in addition to safety, quality and the choice of high-quality materials are of great importance so that you have something from our products for a long time.



WALSER's value is quality


WALSER's value is customer satisfaction

In addition to product safety and quality, our main concern is the satisfaction of our customers with products and the company. The fact that we not only say it, but also do it, underscores our excellent reviews on different platforms . We are proud and grateful for the trust our customers place in us and work hard every day to meet or exceed their expectations with our products. See for yourself! However, if you are ever dissatisfied, please do not hesitate to contact us. With us, you will be talking to real people who will do their best to find a good solution for you!

Sustainability and free trade are extremely important in our time. To bring the idea of ​​sustainable development to life, advocating free and sustainable trade. Thus, we strive to maintain and improve social and environmental standards throughout the entire production process.


WALSER's value is sustainability


For more than 10 years, the high brand and product quality have been the calling card. We are one of the market leaders in the field of clothing sales. Over 4 million items sold annually underline our competence and our customers' trust in our company and our products. We are your reliable partner!



COST WALSER - your partner - directly from the manufacturer


Did you dream about clothes? Check out what's waiting for you!
Did you dream about clothes? Check out what's waiting for you!

Did you dream about clothes? Check out what's waiting for you!
Clothing separates your skin from the outside world, hides nudity and hides secrets. A dream about clothes can reveal a lot about your subconscious mind. Do you want to know what clothes worn, colored or old mean? Look into the dream book.
A dream about clothes is most often a reflection of your psychophysical state. It may refer to how you think of yourself, what your views are, or what attitude you take in life. Every day, clothing accompanies you non-stop - it hides nudity, warms, protects from cold and rain. Clothing says a lot about who we are, and sleepwear is no exception. See what the dream book says about them!

Dream about clothes
Clothes in everyday life can be a reflection of your emotions, express your views or belonging to a subculture. The dress code is used to communicate with the environment. Your subconscious mind collects these signals and tries to use a similar code to communicate with you in your sleep.

According to the dream book, clothes seen in a dream have a special meaning. If there are too many of them, this is a sign that something overwhelms you. Maybe you've taken on too many responsibilities, or maybe you're struggling with tiring emotions. It is also possible that you are trying to suppress your real needs and do not even realize what a burden this is for you.

When you see clothes in a dream, remember as many details as possible: whether it was new or used clothes, dirty or clean clothes, elegant or shabby.

Dream Interpretation: measuring clothes
According to the dream book, measuring clothes in a dream is a sign that you will need a lot of patience, because someone will put you to the test. Frequent dressing up means that a lot will happen in your life in the near future, and you should be prepared for a real roller coaster of emotions.

Measuring clothes often goes hand in hand with buying them. A dream in which you buy new and beautiful clothes is an omen of prosperity, especially in social life. Most likely, you will soon meet someone who will make a big impression on you. Dream Interpretation interprets old and dilapidated clothes as an omen of trouble.

Dream Interpretation: Used Clothes
In one of the dream options about buying clothes, which the dream book notes, used clothes are in the foreground. If your dream about clothes includes hunting in a lumpex, then you are a rational person, do not like tinsel and openly approach the opportunities that the world puts in front of you. If, on the other hand, you buy dirty old clothes in stock, then soon you will have a little pleasant fight. An imperceptible dream about clothes may mean that you will offend someone soon, so you should think about whether the game is worth the candle.

In a dream about clothes, not only what you do is important, but also how your clothes look. According to Sennik, colored clothes symbolize certain things. Bright clothes are an omen that you should focus on working on yourself and on your development. Yellow is directly related to the professional sphere and money. Red clothes mean the private sphere, above all love, and white clothes mean spiritual development and innocence. Gray clothing means passivity and humility, and multi-colored clothing means the need to stand out in the crowd.

Of course, a dream about clothes can be focused not only on clothes in general, but also on its individual elements. A dream about a suit portends financial success or warns against contact with illness or death. A shirt that appears in a dream refers to the erotic realm, and sometimes to cruel and thoughtless behavior. The hat is a symbol of protection from the outside world or the secrets hidden from it, and the gloves are a warning. To dream of gloves means you have to keep your distance and limited confidence. Shoes, on the other hand, can be a harbinger of travel. As always, in the case of any of the dreams, you should pay attention to the circumstances under which this or that item of clothing appeared, what color it was or in what condition. 

What do the symbols on the clothes mean?
What do the symbols on the clothes mean?
A typical situation: after buying new clothes and before putting them on, you cut off the washing instructions tag after reading it briefly. Before throwing it away, examine it carefully. Let's see what the symbols mean and how they relate to washing programs.

Let's start with the basics: labels

Proper washing is the secret to making clothes last longer and not ruin them the first time you wash them in the washing machine. Each label has several symbols that tell you how to wash and care for certain clothes. If the clothing is made from different materials, it is best to follow the instructions for the most delicate fabric.

Basic symbols

The label breaks down the washing methods and steps with symbols. We see such basic symbols as:

  • Bowl: water wash
  • Wheel: dry cleaning
  • Triangle: whitening
  • Area: drying
  • Iron: ironing

Water wash symbols

The symbols shown indicate hand wash or machine wash and may be combined together for more information. Important: the line always recommends washing delicately.

Cup with X: do not wash in water.

Bowl: hand wash and machine wash.

Bowl + 1 line: The line recommends washing at low speed using delicate programs (with low rinsing temperature and short rotation).

Bowl with hand: hand wash, normal rinse and soft wring.

Bowl + N°C: machine wash, the number indicates the maximum water temperature.


Symbols for dry cleaning

The following symbols are related to dry washing and may be combined together for more information.

Wheel with X: not dry clean

Wheel: dry wash with the tolerance of all types of solvents.

Circle + 1 line: wash carefully due to the possibility of shrinkage

Wheel + A: wash with all solvents used.

Circle + F: washing with hydrocarbons and triple fluorine-trichloroethane.

Wheel + P: Flush with perchlorethylene, chlorinated solvents and kerosene alcohols.

Circle + P, but be careful when washing.

Whitening symbols

Triangle with X: do not bleach

Triangle: bleaching with each type of bleach

Triangle +Cl: bleaching clothes with products containing chlorine.


Drying symbols

The symbols use dots that may appear within a circle: a dot indicates drying with a soft low temperature program; two dots indicate normal drying.

Square: Clothes that can be tumble dried.

Square with an X and a circle: Do not tumble dry.


Ironing symbols

The symbols use the dots that appear on the iron.


Iron: clothes can stretch

Iron + 1 point: maximum ironing temperature 110°C, it is better not to use steam.

Iron + 2 points: maximum ironing temperature 150 °C

Iron + 3 points: maximum ironing temperature 200 °C

Iron with X: do not iron


Are the symbols on the tags next to the clothes helpful when choosing a wash program?

Clothing labels may indicate control and adjustment settings, such as: drum speed and other mechanical actions (these may be normal or reduced); rinsing (at normal or low temperature); or centrifuge (in normal or reduced mode).

According to the washing settings, it is necessary to refer to the symbols and lines that may appear under the bowl symbol, which indicate the recommended program.

What do these lines under the symbol mean?

  • no lines: clothes can be washed at maximum speed using the cotton programme. Normal mechanical operation, rinsing and spinning.
  • Regardless of the type of fabric, it is recommended to avoid too high temperatures, taking into account the following simple rules:
  • colored cotton clothes should be washed separately;

lined and silk clothes should be washed dry;

  • colored cotton clothes should be washed separately;
  • lined and silk clothes should be washed dry;
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By following our recommendations, you will be able to enjoy your clothes longer, and washing will become an opportunity to "hug" our clothes, and not a dangerous game of Russian roulette!



I must confess that for a long time I only knew one color for my wardrobe: black. To make it not too boring, I introduced white with :-)

Jokes aside, I love bold colors now too. I also like to be influenced by current trend colors. In winter, I want to get rid of winter gray with colorful clothes. And in the summer everything still glows, so I also want bright colorful outfits.

However, I have not lost my passion for classic black and white. The station wagon is just super practical:

  • man is always dressed
  • styles from different years can be easily combined. Namely, black and white will not disappear so quickly!
  • in terms of color, there are no embarrassing blunders in the photo album to regret years later
  • and most importantly: everything goes with everything! No special considerations as to whether the tone of the jacket is combined with the color scheme of the blouse ... Black and white just love each other!

That's why the current collection also has many, many great pieces in black and white.

And if I show them to you now, when they are so collected, you just have to agree with me: black and white, it's just amazing!

Basis: trousers

In any case, classic trouser colors are more common. It is all the more important to think over exquisite details so that the style acquires something special.

On the first model, the sparkling stones at the end of the leg compare favorably with the “regular” black leggings.

The stretch trousers impress with their studded trim. And as if I understood something: they come in both black and white.

Our other black leggings are made of shiny material, which makes them really attractive.


Top and Top: Black and White Tops

Let's start with "above". Yes, even in summer you need something warm for your shoulders from time to time. It's great if it matches perfectly with the rest of the outfit.

An incredible trend this year is lace and crochet in all variations. And this crochet jacket is perfect for (styling) nails! A fine knit crocheted jacket will decorate any, but not any outfit in a matter of seconds.

With our hooded jacket, it gets a little sportier, but also warmer. But, again, we offer you not just a simple jacket with a hood. The combination of materials gives it all a certain zest and makes it not boring at all.


But also for the “under” we have something in black and white: dots, stripes and a geometric pattern.

The striped blouse does not have classic transverse or longitudinal stripes. Rather, black and white stripes, arranged in different ways, catch the eye perfectly. The slightly fitted cut also creates a fabulous silhouette.

Feminine and slightly playful polka dot T-shirt with fashionable polka dots. A round neckline with pleated cutout further highlights the shirt.

Our airy blouse is wildly patterned yet very elegant. Because black and white can't be elegant. It is so simple :-)

Now you can mix and match these black and white pieces of clothing from our collection as you see fit. I wish you all the best with this!



In principle, the life is divided into two phases: in the first, it is pointed out by his parents to the fact that the kidneys must always be covered and kept warm; in the second Phase, it is said his own children, that you cover your kidneys are always hot to hold. I am already in the second Phase, and speak thus from experience.

A bit of background knowledge: the bean-shaped kidneys are sitting on the lower back side of the spine. You are a sponge similar to the braid, the filters permanently in the blood and toxins through the urine release. I was also surprised, but five times per hour, our entire blood flows through the kidneys. Like a Mini-sewage treatment plant of this wonderful Organ is involved, therefore, instrumental in the detoxification of our body. 

Of course, there are a variety of tips and recommendations on how to protect the kidneys, respectively, can support: drink a lot of low-salt food, abstain from excessive alcohol consumption, avoid Obesity, regular movement, and so on.

The most common cause of kidney pain, kidney inflammation, which is often a result of a bladder infection is. Therefore, the motto is:


Once thinly dressed, and you've got a chill up. The kidneys are sensitive organs and, therefore, should be of the abdomen and the lower back is kept warm.

And since we come from NAVIGAZIONE in the game. With a wink, we can say that we take care of your kidneys. Of course, many other great winter you can in our current collection things that also really cozy and warm: long sweaters, comfy long sweater, Sweatshirts...

I want to show you here, but in fact, winter jackets, the the kidneys warm optimal


Whether with our simple but elegant jacket in fashionable Black, the fantastic quilted jacket with elaborate Details, or the practical all-rounder, our Parka said, you will freeze and look always in top-styled.